Tuesday, June 24, 2008

We're Lovin' It!

I don't really have much to report from today, just lots of cuddling, eating, and sleeping. I guess we're too busy during the first two activities to take photos or video, because I noticed that in almost all the previously posted shots, and in the ones I took today, Katie is getting ready to sleep or is asleep. Except this one.

She really is an extraordinarily peaceful baby. She slept the night last night, only waking in the early morning for a feeding, and then slept for another 2 hours. That may be chalked up to fatigue, since she traveled 2 hours yesterday morning by train, then met her new parents, then spent the day getting to know them. It was exhausting for the parents, it must have been so for Katie.

She woke up cheerful and bright this morning, and endured 3 hours of appointments with Chinese officials with the result that we are now officially a family. We had to attest that we are happy with this baby, that we promise never to abandon, neglect, or abuse her, that we really do want to adopt her, etc. All this was solemnly taken down in Chinese characters by the officials, and after signing many forms that either sealed the adoption or bequeathed my entire estate to the People's Republic of China, it was done.

David our guide has taken us to lunch the past 2 days at Pizza Hut of all places. Soulmate never frequents the American version, so she was less than enthused until she realized what a variety of different choices are on the menu. Myself, I have hit the mother lode of Chinese food here in Cantonese country, so I'm not in favor of pizza, soup, or any other of PH's offerings. Still, with a number of children traveling in our group, and some parents who aren't fond of sauteed eel with fried duck beaks, it was a safe choice.

Soulmate, Katie and I ate supper at the Chinese restaurant next to our hotel. We ate there as a group last night, but tonight we enjoyed it more in a smaller group. There are a great many items I'd love to try but I get the look from Soulmate, so I don't. I'm afraid she'll lock me out of the hotel room if I order fried pig's feet or tripe or deep fried duck heads. We settled for a spicy pork and bamboo shoots dish, fried rice, pot stickers, peanut butter pancakes (wow, they're tasty--seriously!), and a custard tart.

Katie has been eating heroically today after not doing so well yesterday due to stress and travel. We've been mixing Similac with rice cereal and cutting the bottle nipple open a little to make it easier for her to drink it. She knocked off every bottle in record time, and tonight after polishing off 6 oz, had an extra 2 because she was still hungry.

I'm a little worried though: she has had a number of wet diapers in our first 24 hours together, but no dirty ones. I suspect Mount Vesuvius is about to blow. We'll have fun cleaning up that one I'm sure, probably tomorrow morning.

We laid Katie down about 45 minutes ago, and she went right to sleep. Soulmate just crawled into bed, probably setting a personal record for early bedtime. I guess I'll upload the pics and vids for this post and turn in myself. I picked up a cold on Sunday, and it's at the nasty sore throat stage right now. Hopefully the rest of the family won't pick it up. We already have one sick baby in our group, though she is getting better quickly.

For you thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies out there, I have to tell you the next few days' posts are not likely to satisfy. On the other hand, if you love sappy photos of babies and new parents, you're in luck.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's wonderful to kind-of be along at the beginning of your parenthood. You both ooze satisfaction, even through the little videos.

Steve. How's the clothing situation?

Is it ok to put real names in these comments, or is that a security issue? I try to think of "soulmate" as a CB Handle type of thing, but emotionally its a difficult label for one's cousin. Would you like to refer to Lyn as Snugglebottom?


Linda H said...

Hello, you two - oops, three...

I'm still enrapt with the pictures, video and journaling. Still smiling with you.

It looks like Katie is wearing a bracelet - yes? Does it have meaning?

Love you all,


Doc said...

Gary, I'll leave Snugglebottom to your discretion. Real names or pseudonyms are OK, pet names are a little iffy.

Ever heard of a Chinese laundry? They're good, so the skivs for a month are unnecessary.


I'll try to cover the bracelet in my next blog. Short answers: yes and yes.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again, you guys! I was just crying over all the videos - it was so exciting to see her with you finally! I can't believe how composed you all were at the first meeting! AnnMarie is with me at the moment and LOVES the pics and videos, too. She's wanting to see you RIGHT NOW, of course :) We're hoping to see you soon - our love and prayers are with you, welcome Katie - your cousins are so excited to meet you!!! Love and hugs from all here, Kristi

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures of Steve & Katie snoozing - I have pictures of our kids in that same position with Raul and they are some of my favorites - so peaceful and precious. Beth, I loved the pictures of you and Katie, too - the one with your eyes closed snuggling with her just spoke of delight and "right"ness to me. So happy for you! Love, Kristi