Sunday, June 1, 2008

On the Road Again

Shouts to Big Jim for coaxing me out for the Saturday morning group ride. Matt, Jim, Schlicht, and many others were along for a 4 hour leg buster up all four of the "alps" around here. I only did the first hill (and got dropped as expected) and an hour and a half with the group, then took a shortcut home to avoid stressing my shoulder too much. Two hours total, much of it in tempo range (but average HR was only 137), and I felt GREAT!

Today was a fabulous day, 78 degrees, sunny and light winds. Jim advertised it as an "easy day" which I never believe because it usually doesn't work out that way. Two hours and forty minutes, fairly hard up the hills, and lots of time in the front with Jim gave me an average HR of 146. Some "easy" ride, Big Jim. Still, I felt fantastic for most of the ride, and my shoulder only started aching in the final 20 minutes. Some ice and ibuprofen fixed that.

Next week Big Jim's wife is hosting a baby shower for Soulmate, and Jim lined up a Soigneur from the Cities to give us biker boys a sports massage, Lance Armstrong style. Let's get one thing straight: a sports massage hurts alot when you're getting it, and then your legs feel fantastic. A "foofie" massage feels all happy when you're getting it, but afterwards you can't even tell you had one. Guys generally don't do foofie massages.

OK, now that that's straight, Big Jim has arranged these sports massages on Sunday before the baby shower, and then the boys are going to bug out and do some two-wheeled male bonding whilst the bike wives (and countless other ladies) talk baby talk and unwrap lots of onesies and cute little outfits, and dish about diaper rash and potty training.

Hopefully they will have wrapped it up by the time the sweat monsters return, but maybe they'll have left the goodies out for us. I hear the food at these things is pretty good. I'll let you know.

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cmacheel said...

Glad to hear you are healing well! Congrats on getting back out on the bike.