Sunday, June 29, 2008

Random Images

There's a massive thunderstorm going on over Guangzhou right now (it is monsoon season, after all), so today we've been indoors all day, exploring the hotel. There are gobs of shops for mommy to browse in, but we found a room that Katie likes a lot. Virtually all Americans adopting Chinese children have to file papers with the U.S. Consulate in Guangzhou, and most adoption agencies book their families into the White Swan Hotel. Because of the influx of kids and new parents, the staff has created a beautiful new playroom in the hotel. Here's Katie checking it out:

We had a rough night last night due to teething and a little virus that's going around the family. I'm afraid I passed my little cold on to Katie; I'm guilty, but it's impossible to resist kissing that adorable little face and nibbling on those cute little fingers. Mommy and daddy are paying for those little indulgences right now with frequent awakenings and lots of short naps. Oops--Katie's waking up again, so I don't know if I'll get this post done.

I thought I would just post a bunch of mix and match photos from the trip so far. Some family shots, some travel logs, and some oddities. Here goes:

This is a little pagoda in Peoples' Park in Nanning:

Here is the pool and spa at the Majestic Hotel:

Katie is in her reading chair:

Mark, Gordon, Chuck, and Doc:

Haruyo, Soulmate, Kari, and Lisa:

The whole gang at the foot of the staircase at the Majestic Hotel. The hotel had weddings several days during our stay their. Weddings aren't just for Saturdays around here. Someone told us that the bride and groom have to stand at the stairs and greet and take pictures with every single wedding guest before they can go up to the banquet room to eat dinner. That would make for a very short guest list if Doc were planning his wedding again. After 25 years, I can still remember greeting all 400 of our closest friends (lol) at the reception.

For those of you hitting my blog to see bike stuff, here's one for you, a veritable shop on wheels:

Grandma Nora from our group has some chicken and sticky rice steamed and served in a bamboo log:

A random shop window on Shamian Island in Guangzhou is either a really nice prom dress, or an unusual wedding gown:

Mommy and Katie leaving the Chinese notary's office:

A close-up of the entrance to the retirement home where Katie was found by the security guard:

A gazebo or pagoda in the park next to Katie's orphanage:

A random government building in Yulin on our road trip to see Katie's orphanage:

Mommy and Katie in the playroom:

Well the thunderstorm has passed and the girls are hot for shopping, so gotta go!

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