Sunday, June 15, 2008

All In the Family

We visited Soulmate's ancestral home today to honor the family patriarch, the Reverend married to Soulmate's sister, and for the first time, moi. Soulmate plans to try to acclimate Katie to seeing all those lily-white well-wishers waiting back home, so she enlisted me to take cellphone photos of all the usual suspects:

Grandpa & Grandma

The Reverend Uncle

Auntie & fountain of baby knowledge

Cousine (has waited 14 LONG years)

Cousin (generally can't wait 5 minutes)

The photos go into a plastic padded album which appears to be able to survive a 500 year flood. Or a couple of weeks of chewing and drooling, which is more likely since Katie has cut two bottom teeth recently (according to our facilitator).


duchess401 said...

So nice to see Soulmates family. It has probably been 8 years since we've seen her parents. I can't remember seeing photos of In-laws or their children. Nice of you to share. :)

Doc said...

Yeah, they're a pretty good bunch of Viking progeny. The Reverend and I are outliers, not having much Viking blood.