Monday, June 16, 2008


Mission Impossible is packing all this stuff (actually a lot more doesn't show in this picture) into two suitcases already full of our adult stuff. We discovered that, while international travel allows either two 70 pound suitcases each, or two 50 pound ones each, air travel within China only allows 20 kg or 44 pounds total checked luggage each. If you go over, then the baggage police comrades stiffly fine you (that phrase describes both the demeanor of the gendarmes and the size of the fine).

In order to keep below the weight limits and bring everything that Soulmate believes is absolutely essential to Katie's very existence and safe delivery to the States (see yesterday's partial shopping list), it looks like I will be bringing only the clothes on my back. I will stay in the room in the hotel bathrobe each morning while the efficient launderers wash my one set of clothes for another day. Heaven help us if Katie throws up on my shirt during the day. I guess I'll wear it proudly.

The Bagleys, bike racing buddies from way back, brought over a very handy baby present: a Baby Bjorn Carrier, so daddy can show Katie all the sights on our Chinese walkabouts. It really is an ingenious and deceptively simple device, and of course I had to try it out on our surrogate Katie. Buddy the troll is 16 pounds, wiggly, and warm, so he is perfect for trying out all these slings, baby bjorns, strollers, and (as previously posted) our Chariot bike trailer. (Don't worry, we combed out all the white fur that coated my shirt and the inside of the Bjorn).

Well, time to finish ripping 3 more lullaby CDs onto my iPod. The one I already have, Chinese Lullabies, is ravishingly beautiful, sung by the Beijing Angelic Childrens' Choir (true!). Aptly named, this lovely disc is a gift from Beth's cousin Katie Johnson, who proves thereby to indeed be Katie's namesake.

Soulmate is already in bed (amazing enough for an anxious perfectionist night owl), and I promised to help her organize her iPod for the trip. I'm running out of time to get my assignments done. Good thing I only have to pick out one set of clothes...


Anonymous said...

Great post Hammer! It will be fun to see the same cloths on all your blog photos during the trip. I was in REI last week, and saw some special antibacterial underwear that you can wear for a straight month w/o washing. Underwear like that should give you the confidence to handle any communist bureaucrat.

Will you be able to do much posting in-country?


Doc said...

Can you pick me up a pair at REI real quick? Or maybe just loan me yours--think they need washin'?

I went on an Outward Bound trip before Soulmate took over my life, and I recall 3 weeks in the woods with maybe one spare (and they were old school tighty whiteys).

More to the point: yes, we hope to update daily with pix, video, and the witty reparte you've come to expect.