Monday, June 30, 2008

Lame, but Cute

Nothing really newsworthy today--Judy Wu went to the U.S. Consulate on our behalf, and reported that they accepted all our paperwork without any questions, so I guess that means we passed the final exam. Tomorrow we go with 20 or more other couples staying at the White Swan Hotel to the Consulate (a 45 minute bus ride) to pick up Katie's U.S. passport and a thick and mysterious envelope that must be dropped off at the USCIS office at the Minneapolis airport OR ELSE!

I'm not clear on the ramifications of a slip-up here, but I'm assured by more experienced adoptive parents that the Consulate will fully apprise me on the consequences should I fail my mission.

I'll tell you one thing they won't do (or at least only over my dead body): take little Katie away from us. She has wormed her sunny little way deep into our hearts, and she's there to stay. On that note, (and in reference to the title today), I've mined my cellphone for odds and ends that some of you gentle readers may find touching or amusing. Some are repeats, as my most discerning and dedicated readers will surely know. Enjoy!

Daddy and Katie took the afternoon to bond while mommy finished buying gifts for family and friends.

Daddy takes Katie's naptime very seriously.

The trusty thumb is an ever-present friend in time of need.

Whatever it is, it was really good. Now if I can just get some all over daddy's shirt for later...

The headband lasted all of 10 minutes. My feeling is that if people can't tell she's a girl by the little dress she has on, they're not going to have a clue that the headband indicates female gender either.

Pure, gratuitous sentimentalism. Nothing like a sleeping baby to completely disarm you. Permanently.

Didn't get hooked by the last one? Here's a close-up for good measure. If that cute little rosebud doesn't tug at your heartstrings, you're truly heartless.

Thea displays her green bean ice cream bar. Yesterday she ordered mango ice with forest frog; we were all quite keen on discovering just what that meant, but were disappointed to find out that the forest frog was really just an orchid garnish.

Yup, they're all over China, and they're worse here than in the States. Egad! Walmart, McDonalds, and Pizza Hut. What are we doing to the world? Forget global warming--we're dumbing down the rest of the world so fast that greenhouse gases are the least of our worries.

Our guide in Nanning, David.

"Grandma" Nora, traveling with the Peters

Haruyo, Gordon, and Mark

Lisa, Kari, Shawn, and Cam

Mystery candy--even after I tasted it, it's still a mystery. There are nuts on the package, but not a nutty taste at all. More like corn starch and karo syrup.

Buddy and Pippin are staying with our friends, the Rammels, who have 2 girls. The youngest, Annika, has the exact same birthdate as Katie: tomorrow, July 1! Happy birthday to both of you.
We plan to have a dinner out tomorrow night at our new favorite Thai restaurant here on Shamian Island, followed by birthday cake and some traditional Chinese customs. More on that with photos tomorrow if time allows.

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