Thursday, June 19, 2008

One Last Video Update, Then...

It's off to China tomorrow! I hope to post every day, but I might miss one or two. So sue me--you're not paying anything for this, and besides, you're probably reading this at work on company time. (If you work for me, that's perfectly fine.)


Anonymous said...

Have a great trip Nephew(Probably
one of most important trips in your life-into fatherhood) Your aunt and uncle wish you a good enjoyable trip. We only traveled 10
miles to bring our first one home.
I can support your claim that you had a great father. We hardly knew each other even though we lived in the same house until he joined the air force. From than on it was an occasional visit. We visit your dads grave several times a year because that is where the family is laid to rest.

Again have a very enjoyable trip.
We will be praying for you until your return.

Aunt and Uncle from NE Pa.

Doc said...

Aunt and Uncle,

I guess you could say we're going to the ends of the earth to find our little daughter!

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.