Saturday, February 28, 2009

Katie is tempting fate and testing the law of gravity again. She has shown a great deal of interest lately in the stairs going to the second floor, both up and down. We've tried to teach her to crawl up and down with her tummy against the stairs, but to no avail: she wants to walk up while holding the handrail which is much too high for her, and to slid down on her butt:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Doc is wearing his glasses more these days for whatever reason, and Katie has discovered them. She loves to put her tiny little fingerprints all over them, though she doesn't do it for spite like my brothers used to when we were growing up. She just likes to monkey with stuff.

Seeing my distress (one of my pettest pet peeves is streaks on my glasses), Soulmate sprung into action, quickly finding the pair of green glasses I brought home from the musical "Wicked" that I saw in Chicago last September. Here we are, showing off our "four eyes" in style.

Since Katie is playing the part of the "Green Witch", I guess that makes me "Glenda the Good Witch", who in the musical at least is a ditzie blond. If the shoe fits...