Saturday, December 8, 2007


This from today's Velonews mailbag (on the day that Vino "retires"):

Dope: It's not just for prosEditor:I'd like to be one of the many to reply
to Mr. Keating's suggestion (see Wednesday's Mailbag: You can have fun on
the road, too
) that one can avoid doping concerns by entering local races
with amateur fields.
See, I live and grew up racing in the upper Midwest,
and if memory serves me well, I recall at least three Minneapolis-area riders
over the years who were busted for doping and whose reigns of terror over our
innocent little "local races" certainly grew a healthy crop of cynicism around
these otherwise healthy, fertile lands.
I always looked forward to lining up
with those hopped-up boys from the Twin cities, knowing that their performances
surely would be grand.
Kim WestDes Moines, Iowa


Dan Cleary said...

"performance... grand"

cute way he called out GP

he's with all9yards

Doc said...

I'm not trying to make anything of this, since two of these guys have come "clean". I don't know who the 3rd guy is.

I will say loudly that DOPERS SUCK. Do all you can with what you've got and leave it at that. Anything else is just lyin' & cheatin'.