Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Good Company

Buddy's entanglement saga from yesterday is not unique in the world: Snoopy's brother Spike managed a similar feat in today's Saint Cloud Times: I plan to check out tomorrow's comic page to see if Spike makes it out alive or not. At least Spike was trying to decorate the cactus Christmas tree. Buddy seemed bent on dismantling ours.

Christmas preparations are a hardship for some of us, as you can hear by the whine in my voice as I relate the Christmas card labor camp survival tale:

DOC'S ADVICE: try not to whine as much as Doc did while incarcerated in Christmas Card Labor Camp. It doesn't win any points with Soulmate, and it doesn't get you out of the camp. Just suck it up and git 'er done.

All you friends and rellys who get a card from us, show some respect! I worked my butt off for at least 3 hours for your holiday greeting. Have a heart and read at least the front page of the newsletter that I slaved over. Or at least remark to someone how nicely it was folded.

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rainmaker2112 said...

Alas my elder brother, it is a job that has been complain...errr relished for many centuries. Imagine the poor folks who had candlewax drip on their cards:

"Horace, how could you let the wax drip on it? Now I have to make another piece of paper" "Sorry Martha"

Imagine the poor gent who has to use a quill and ink and his quill breaks.. "Dadgummit, are you sure we have to send them a card this year Betrice?" "Yes, Thomas we must"

Or how about the caveman slaving over slabs of granite. "Grunt, name not miscarved" "Grunt it is" "Grunt, grunt, me no carve another" "Grunt, grunt, you sleep with dinosaurs then."

So you see, with spell-check, thesaurus, and printers, it's not so bad.....as I wonder about my own newsletter

Great job on the verbiage, folding and mailing!!!!