Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas already?

I just noticed a big hit on my VISA card when I checked it in Quicken, so either someone has stolen my identity (good luck to 'em, I say) or I'm getting a bright shiny new something.

Luke, you better call me soon...

Speaking of bright shiny things, I just picked up a Sony HDD camcorder at Best Buy. It was an open box item, but everything was shiny new and works perfectly. So I got exactly what I wanted for our hopefully upcoming trip to China this spring, but with a $75 discount to boot! It's pretty sweet with all the bells and whistles, but better yet (hopefully Beth won't read this) it has an "easy" button which makes it idiot-proof and locks out all the cool features except on-off and zoom. Here's an example; expect more useless, time-wasting stuff in the future:

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