Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cute Alert

If you're not into cute children or musicals, now's your chance to read more adult oriented blogs like Skibby or lunatic biker (link at your own risk--it is the Lord's day today). For the rest of us, I offer a taste of our morning worship service, highlighted by a childrens' musical entitled "Angels Aware."

I was on the music team again this week, and showed up last night for practice expecting to jam on my Carvin 5-string, only to discover the entire stage covered with balloons:

I was re-assigned to vocals, since the bass amp and drums were buried under white sheets. Here I am with the other vocalists, taking a break during practice. The chairs were a little too minimalist for my taste or comfort, having been borrowed from the Childrens' Church room. I almost broke the one I'm sitting in.

After a shortened song service consisting entirely of wonderful Christmas hymns and carols (I'm a big fan of Christmas music, with an iPod full of almost 500 Christmas songs, carols, and hymns covering every musical genre), the kids' musical got underway with a bang.

The smallest kids were in the middle, and true to form, they rarely kept up with the lyrics or the actions, preferring to pull on each others' angel wings, "halos," or skirts. No strip-shows actually occured, though several were threatened. The cute quotient was almost unbearably high, causing even the most jaded church-goes to bust a gut on several occasions. No one forgot their lines, though most were delivered rapidly with furtive glances at the next little vocalist in line.

I forgot my spy cam (again), but had my trusty Treo 755p to take the above photos as well as a really bad video:

After the service ended, our music pastor, Becky Johnson, put her stiletto boots to good use, popping hundreds of balloons. Guess those boots were made for walkin'...

As you can see from the last month or so of blogs, I am unabashedly pro-Christmas. Since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, don't expect me to comment on politics, or bike advocacy, or Skibby's newest fetish.

DOC'S ADVICE: there is something in Christmas for everyone: if you don't believe in Christ (and you really should), at least you've got the secular traditions and celebrations; if you don't go for that either, at least you've got a couple of days off work. Merry Christmas.


Lunatic Biker said...

Doc, I'll have you know I've been to Oklahoma, Cabaret, Showboat and South Pacific...I'm plenty cultured.

Doc said...

One of my favorite movie lines is from "Sabrina" (the Harrison Ford version, not the Bogart one) when HF asks his sec'y to get tickets for the most sought-after Broadway show, and the sec'y replies, "you do realize that this is a musical, where the actors periodically break out in song and dancing?"

BTW, any movie with HF in it by definition CAN'T BE a chick flick.