Saturday, August 23, 2008

State RR

Had a great time, went a lap longer than I thought I would (but still a lap shorter than I needed to finish with the group), saw a bunch of friends that I've missed all year, and helped my guy Ray Coyle to win. Downside: my sweet carbon Easton wheels never got in the race, because I couldn't get the rear tubular pumped up, and it deflated instantly when I got any air at all in it. It might be the valve extender that's leaking. Hopefully we'll get it worked out for the Henderson TT.

Speaking of which, the rocket TT bike arrived, and it is sweet. Carbon on top for a smooth ride, alu below for stiffness. I haven't gotten it set up fully yet, that's in the works for tomorrow afternoon while Katie is napping. I bought the newest version of the iBike power meter, called the iAero, so I'll fit that to the TT bike as well. In addition to virtual power numbers, you can get up to speed, then coast for 10 seconds after pushing a button, and it will calculate your CdA frontal surface area. It's a virtual wind tunnel on wheels!

Hopefully I can dial in an aero position on the TT bike that is also reasonably comfortable. I had enough gluteus cramps today going up tower hill 5 times at full power, not to mention spending 15 minutes well above my lactate threshold trying to bridge back up after getting dropped the 4th time up. I got within 50 yards of the group, but couldn't make the bridge, so I ended up doing the whole 4th lap by myself, which was both boring and very painful.

Anyway, I'm officially back. Now, we'll see if cyclo-cross is in the cards. My left shoulder ached pretty badly all day after the race today, and weirdly enough, my left tricep (not the repaired bicep) spasmed for the last lap and a half of the race. What's that about? I'm a little afraid that I'll mess up my shoulder if I do CX, but I guess if I line up at the back of the B race and take it really carefully, I can't do too much wrong, can I?

It's late and Katie is fussy and waking up every hour, so I suspect I'll be having another sleepover in her room tonight. Soulmate had the duty last night, though I was awake several times listening to them in the next room. Last Sunday we accidentally slept through church because we were up most of the night "playing". Tonight we're all business.


Dan Cleary said...

very nice racing with you doc. you looked good out there, especially considering that you made a 70mi state road race with some very fast guys your first outing.

sorry but i split right away and missed the family. we'll get together in sept when i'm up there for work.

Doc said...

I had pretty good fitness for an off year (literally and figuratively), but climbing is the last to come and the first to go. Courses like this one and Square Lake are not for me; I was just happy to be able to hunt at the front and take a couple of good pulls before I popped.

Call when you're up here. I have the first 3 weeks of Sept completely off (aside from daily playtime with Katie). We can ride.