Sunday, August 3, 2008

Feelin' Groovy Fashion Show!

A package arrived from Houston yesterday filled with fashions for Katie. Duchess described the creation of the tie-dyed clothes in her Hobby post from last month. Here they are modeled by the Princess herself. She is enthusiastic about all of them, and actually enjoyed the process of dressing and undressing for each photo. I suppose I should be worried about that somehow.

The non-psychedelic outfits are gifts from my Mom who unfortunately doesn't have access to internet, so I'll print this out and send it to her. Thanks to Duchess, Kooza, Scout, and Pops for the tie-dyes, and to Mom for the cute outfits.

This onesie has a dog and "all-American cutie" on the front. The dog is telling the truth.

Here is a tank top so Katie can fire her guns for us. Impressive pipes for this future Olympian.

Katie's doing aerobics in her jazzy gym shorts.

The hat is cute as heck, but only stayed on for about 5 seconds. This one will take some work I think.

The Country Club requires shirts with collars, but I don't know if the clubbers could tolerate this polo shirt.

Mom's first item is a onesie that says "Lil Sparkler".

This one is all about Monkey Business:

Silly Monkey!

Oh how well this fits the Princess.

Purple shorts: she's always wanted a pair, and she already owns a shirt that coordinates. An outfit--what more could a girl want?

A frilly summer dress, how like Grandma to pick it!

Pooh says "let's go pick something yummy for our picnic". How about tasteless green bean mush? Yum yum!


duchess401 said...

What a fashion show! I think those are the biggest smiles I've seen on Katie so far (yes, this might be dangerous for Dad's bank account). Thanks for sharing all this with us! I can't wait until Kooza gets home to see his TD work on Katie. I think my favorite colors on Katie are purple and turquoise. We'll have to remember that for our next TD adventure. My favorite outfit by far is the 'All American' one. Hugs and Love to all!

Doc said...

Look for Katie on the runway in the future. She really enjoys getting dressed up, and I think the bright, cheerful colors really pumped her up. Kooza--ya done good!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you have been enjoying
the modeling agenda and taking all in stride. Katie looks great and is right in style. Grandma sure would love to see Katie in Texas,I believe. We will be watching for the latest in Katies modeling career.
Love Aunt & Uncle from N.E. Penna