Sunday, August 24, 2008

Rocket 1

I did a basic setup on the Giant Trinity TT, and took it out for a test run today. It is just like getting on those crotchrocket motos: fast and uncomfortable. I kept a 20mph pace with level 1 heart rate for an hour or so on an out and back on Cty 8. I ramped up to 25mph in a pretty stiff headwind, and felt like I could hold that for a good long time.

On the other hand, my left gluteus cramped up after 30 minutes, without going hard at all. Most of that is left over from the effort I put out yesterday at the State RR, but some of it is the position on this TT bike. My back is a lot flatter than on my previous TT bike which was cobbled together from an old LeMond Zurich frame (which is now a sweet Fixie). I'm also a lot more forward over the front wheel, but the ride is very stable despite the short wheelbase.

I found out that the Henderson TT on Sept. 6 has an option for a two-man TT. I'm trying to convince Big Jim to ride it with me, since he is trying to talk me into riding home 80 miles from Henderson after the race. I think he was planning on doing a tempo ride on his stock bike during the TT just to warm up for the big ride home. I, on the other hand, will put heart and soul into the TT, so an 80 mile cool down is pretty much overkill no matter how you look at it, and the inherent mismatch between our TT ability will increase my suffering exponentially on the way home.

A two-man TT with Jim would be fun, though once he ramps it up, I'm not sure I'll be swapping pulls with him much. Then there's my problem of being a lead weight on all the climbs. Still, I would like to be there when he gets to lactate threshold and holds it for half an hour, since he's usually in level 1 or just above on our training rides. I keep telling him he'd be a great time trialist if he put his mind to it. There is one small hitch to the plan: he doesn't even own a TT bike. Hopefully he can borrow Bauerly's or Bagley's and get used to it a little. We'll see.

Spy photos of the Trinity may be coming.

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Jeffro said...

Tell Jim my TT bike is just hanging in the garage and just needs wheels!