Thursday, August 21, 2008

She's Walking! Sort Of...

Saturday morning I line it up at the State Road Race with the best Masters riders Minnesota has to offer. My training regimen this week has been:
Saturday: 3 hour leg buster with Big Jim, Lanny, Ray, and Luke to preview the course and map out our strategy.
Sunday: play with Katie, on call, no time to train.
Monday: play with Katie, too tired from call weekend to train.
Tuesday: play with Katie, sleepover in Katie's room because she wants to. "Sleepover" is a misnomer since very little sleep is actually achieved.
Wednesday: too busy to even play with Katie, business meeting at the clinic lasts until 9:30pm, too tired to train.
Thursday: errands after work, then play with Katie until she goes to bed; catch up on blogging.
Friday: play with Katie, commute to and from work, get fabulous massage from The Fix, and grease the chain.
Saturday: play with Katie, pump up the tires, and line up.

I feel ready; I admit it's not the optimal taper for the big race, but hey, it finishes on a steep hill, so I don't have a snowball's chance to contest the sprint anyway. All I need is about 20 minutes of above-lactate efforts, which I'm sure to get if I chase attacks or drill it on the front for a while, to get ready for Henderson.

The rocket TT bike still hasn't arrived, or at least Luke is holding out on me if it has. I'm ready to mount the secret weapon and get going on dialing in my TT position ASAP, but it can wait until next week I guess. I'm back on call for the Labor Day weekend (Thursday through Monday), so I'll only have time to ride the TT bike for an hour a day, max. That should be enough to get my position right using the secret weapon.

Speaking of playing with Katie:

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