Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm Feeling Guilty...

I haven't posted in I don't know how long. I'm right in the middle of the rush to see the ENT doc to get the tonsils out before school starts, and at the same time 4 of my 5 partners decided to take a week or two vacation, so I've been either on call, hospital rounds, or in the clinic for the past 2 weeks straight. I know, waa waa waa.

The rest of the time I've been hanging out with Katie and Soulmate. Katie is growing fast: she still has the gooshy sprinter thighs, but she's a lot taller than when we first got her. We've had to adjust the height of the shoulder harnesses in the carseat and the stroller to the next notch up. Same with the Baby Einstein Bouncer Seat.

She is standing with barely any assistance, and taking a few steps while grimly gripping my thumbs like her life depended on it. She still has no interest in crawling, and why should she? The princess gives her royal call and her loyal subjects come running to help her, carrying her wherever she pleases (or at least wherever they please). You have to admit, she's got it pretty good around here.

When Soulmate puts her on her tummy to strengthen her neck and back, and to practice crawling, it goes like this: on her tummy she goes; Soulmate steps back, holds out her arms, and calls "Katie, come here"; Katie then breaks into wails of anguish while pulling herself lamely forward with her elbows. Pippin the hairball stands next to her and licks her on the head. making her cry even harder, and finally, both dogs come and lay down on each side of her and look at Soulmate with the most baleful expressions, as if to say "can't you do something about all this racket? Don't you hear her? You're the one with opposable thumbs--do something!"

I did get out for a spirited 4 hour ride with Matt and Big Jim. I did a hard pull for 10 minutes or so trying to get motivated to do the Henderson TT on September 6. I have my new secret weapon coming, so I'm sure I'll be rocket-fast out there. Meanwhile, I've tentatively decided to line it up at the State Road Race a week from Saturday. It's a course I know well (I rode it on Saturday with Matt and Big Jim), and I figure I'll either drill it for 2 laps chasing attacks for the team, or sit in and wait for the finish and see if I'm ready to duke it out in the sprint yet.

Or maybe I'll just shoot out the back the first time up Tower hill and wander back to the Start/Finish and harrass everyone when they come by each lap. That sounds most likely (and the most fun). With Bagley sightings and Charles out of the sling and back on the bike, we may see the whole GS Masters team together yet this year. See you M35ers at the line.

Parting shot: the girls and I went shopping at the mall, and here's the result: cuteness cubed (as in cubic zirc). We had it done at Claire's, where Soulmate had hers pierced a few years back (quite a few years, actually). It's probably not the last time we'll shop at Claire's (and everywhere else in the mall for that matter). My VISA card is beginning to throb again...

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Anonymous said...

Wait till she discovers shoe shopping!! woohooo!! tell her her favorite neighbor girls' will take her shopping! he he

Tami, Maddie and Grace Bauerly