Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bedtime Story

Doc is concentrating on getting all the doggie sounds right from Sandra Boynton's "Doggies" bedtime book. "Woof!" "arf arf" "mmm...mmm...mmm" "yap! yap! yap! yap!" and so on up to ten doggies (and one cat). Or maybe he's just squinting because he left his reading glasses downstairs and is too tired after the State RR to schlep down after them.

Obviously, Katie is delighted with the story, or else she's happy to be dressed for bed in her favorite "little princess" pajamas. Either way, it's an expression we see frequently from our sunny little princess.

Fortunately, she does fuss from time to time: for instance when we forget to feed her anything for 5 or 6 hours because we forget she's a baby. As time goes on and senility sets in, she'll need to be able to fuss fairly assertively.

Katie and Soulmate went to the In-laws' in St. Paul for a family baby shower yesterday, then stayed overnight there. They scored a lot of cool toys, books, and clothes, but I was genuinely lonely at home. I fired up a movie and worked on the power setup of my TT bike, then channel surfed until the wee hours before panicking and diving in bed at 2am. Today was a good but long day in the clinic, and I'm beat right now.

Big Jim emailed to tell me that I should ride the Henderson two man TT with Charles instead of him. Chuck broke his right collarbone at the Stillwater crit in June (somebody slid into him around the final corner at the bottom of the big hill), and is finally back on the bike at the end of the season like me. So we'll have two gimps with bad shoulders (his right, my left) trading pulls in the TT. It's too bad we'll be leaning in opposite directions--we won't be as aero this way. Chuck is a blazing fast time trialist, so I'll either get the best workout of the year, or blow up spectacularly (probably both).

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Jonathan said...

wow, a picture of contrasts!! Smiling, giddy Katie and Dad bearing down reading/sounding out the book. Great photo and one to put in the scrapbook for sure!