Friday, November 9, 2007

What I learned in school today

My racing Epicure friend, Red Lantern, has alerted me to a couple of S.F. errata from my post 2 days ago: it's Union Square, not Station, and Boulevard Restaurant has a view of the Bay Bridge, not the Golden Gate. I've made the corrections to the post already (forgive me if I'm a little fastidious, but I'm a surgeon after all--you'd want me to be like that). The Lantern has also given me some cool insider tips on places to go in S.F. I didn't know you used to live here, or I would have hit you up for a lot more info. I shoulda known by your urbane air, though, and with you hanging out in France for the summer and all...

I am attending a course called Otolaryngology Update put on by UCSF, and is it ever good! Honchos from all over have flown in here to update the rest of us on the newest research in the field of Ear, Nose, and Throat. Don't go getting glassy eyed on me--I'm not going to start lecturing you on the fine points of septorhinoplasty or radical neck dissection and the use of adjuvant chemoradiotherapy. I want to reassure all of you out there who secretly believe that doctors are really just quacks and all we do at meetings is drink coffee (or worse) and gossip about how bad you looked the last time we saw you in the office (or worse). DOC'S ADVICE: medical meetings are rather boring affairs with lots of powerpoint slide shows and polite applause.

Actually, this was one of the demos we saw entitled "karaoke CPR, or how to really enjoy your first code":

I'm sure I've restored your faith in the medical field by now.

Geek alert: San Fran is being taken over by MIB aliens who have snuck in here for the Oracle convention that starts on Sunday. I've never seen so many pocket protectors since I got my undergrad chemistry degree! 65,000 drunken maladroit software engineers are not a pretty sight, and what with streetcars whizzing by, I fear for their very lives. Good thing I learned karaoke CPR!

We just got back from Hana Zen, a really nice sushi place on Cyril Magnin street that my friend Don Carter treated us to. We basically had one of everything, and even though it was pretty much the first time Beth or I had been in a sushi place, we settled right in. Beth wasn't so sure she would enjoy everything, but she was brave. We started with Miso soup and saki, then warmed up with nigiri sushi of yellow tail, tuna, and shrimp, then went for the uramaki (dragon roll, rainbow roll, california roll, and the house special). By the end, Beth was soaking rainbow rolls in wasabi/soy sauce and slamming them down! We finished up with tempura bananas with coconut and vanilla ice cream.

Konichiwa, sushi! We'll be seeing more of you...but tomorrow it's dim sum at Yank Sing, care of Red Lantern again. Thanks, bro--maybe your engine's not the biggest, but you sure fuel it with the right stuff!

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