Wednesday, November 7, 2007

San Fran, baby!

Beth and I just got into our hotel a few minutes ago, and are on our way to Scala's Bistro down the street for some swizzy (love that word, thanks Mean Dawg!) Italiano, then off to the S.F. Opera to hear Angela Gheorghiu sing the lead in Puccini's little known opera La Rondine. She is a fantastic (and beautiful) diva, one of the best in the world, and this opera has arguably my favorite aria of all: Il Sogno di Doretta (Doretta's dream), so it's going to be an Italian gustatory feast followed by an Italian auditory feast (sung by a Romanian).

Update: we had a great meal at Scala's, followed by an esquisite jewel of an opera anchored by Ms. Gheorghiu's jewel-like voice. Magda didn't just melt Ruggero's heart, but the entire audience's as well. Brava, Angela!

Tomorrow will be more mundane for me, since I'll be attending a conference at the Ritz (not bad, really) for the next 2 1/2 days. Beth will be free to shop til she drops at Union Square, about a block from our hotel. I do hope to get over to Box Dog Bikes on Saturday and hang out with the players over there. I also want to visit Freewheel bikes on Hayes if I get a chance on Saturday.

My corporate counsel, David Melloh, Esq., tells me that Boulevard is THE place to eat in S.F., with a great view of the Bay bridge, so I scored a table for 2 for tomorrow night. DM, the best I could do was 5:45 on a Thursday, and nothing available for the weekend--you must have told everyone west of the Mississippi about this restaurant. I checked out the website photos, and decided in advance that I'm going to have this one (or this one) for dessert.
It's basically 1am by my midwestern clock, so I'm beyond tired. G'night John Boy...


Dan Cleary said...

Couple of things. Boulevard overlooks the Bay Bridge (big difference) but the food is amazing so you won't even notice. Its Union Square, not Station.

Hit me up if you want more advice. I lived there and miss it.

Real SF experience, head to Yank Sing for dim sum. You'll remember that one.

Doc said...

Doc made a couple of errors, but it's not malpractice, you know! Lantern Rouge, Thanks for the tip on Yank Sing, I think we'll head there for Saturday lunch. See you at the MCF banquet, I'm sure (ya think they'll have dim sum there?)