Saturday, November 24, 2007

Make a Difference

Reflecting on all I have to be thankful for has made me think about the havenots.

Social consciousness is definitely hip. The media outlets are constantly showing the next big starlet plugging PETA or preaching against global warming. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely for animals and small carbon footprints. It's just hard for me to get excited about Britney's newest cause when I find out that she donates a whopping $500 per month to her favorite charity. That's out of an income of $737,000 PER MONTH. By my math, that's 0.067% of her income for charity. Underwhelming.

I don't really need celebrities to motivate me to lend a hand. Just look around at the needs in our communities, our country, and around the world, and you see lots of opportunities to pitch in. If I did need some motivation, I would look to U2's Bono. I've been a fan of U2 since 1982, when my friend Garth played an LP (that's right, a real vinyl record) of October or Boy or both, I don't remember. I watched Band Aid in 1985 when Bono jumped down like 20 feet to dance with a girl from the audience, and rocked to The Joshua Tree like everyone else in the world. I kind of lost track after Actung Baby when they went glam, but picked them back up with All That You Can't Leave Behind and HTDAAB.

Bono has always been a promoter, and his charitable work is no different. Check out his ONE Campaign--the campaign to make poverty history--and you will find photos and videos of all kinds of celebs wearing the ONE white wristband (above) or the T-shirt. Unlike most of the celebs pictured, though, Bono has spent countless hours volunteering, lobbying politicians, and speaking out against poverty. He spends so much time and effort at it that it has caused problems with the band at times.

Beth and I support a number of causes and missions locally and globally. I may mention one or two in the future if the topic comes up, but my main goal here is to get us thinking about how we can make a difference. One easy and cheap way is to start researching various causes and find out more about what they do, how they do it, and what effect their work has on the problem they are working against. IMHO, not every "problem" is of equal importance. No offense to PETA or Sierra Club, but eliminating death and disability due to poverty seems like a more pressing issue for our attention.

DOC'S ADVICE: check out, sign the petition currently being circulated, and maybe contact your Congressperson and Senators to encourage them to do something about poverty in our country and around the world. Or do something else to make a difference.


cmacheel said...

Like vote Democrat?

Doc said...

Nah, I think partisan politics is overrated. I'm a big fan of the two party system mainly because it promotes gridlock, so no one political party can REALLY screw things up. The really important stuff is always done by laypeople and volunteers, not career politicians.

cmacheel said...

Whatever Doc. We know who you'll be voting for in November.

Doc said...

Chad, I'm glad you know, because I was gonna have to wait until after the conventions to figure that all out. Who reads your tea leaves, anyway?

I don't remember discussing politics with you--I hate it when that memory loss thing happens.

You may think I'm kidding about the two party system, but I'm not...