Monday, November 19, 2007

80 degrees and no bike!

Greetings from sunny/rainy/sunny/rainy Houston! Beth and I flew down (not on the P-51, unfortunately, but my brother and I are big fans) on Saturday to spend the week with my older brother Dave and his family. My Mom is in a nursing home down here as well, so I'm hanging out with the old folks most afternoons. The suspense is almost unbearable during bingo, which my Mom never misses. In fact, if I go there to visit while she's still playing, she waves me off so she doesn't lose focus when the competition really heats up. DOC'S ADVICE: leave your Mom alone when she plays bingo; some things are sacred.

It's been either 80 and sunny or 65 and rainy here. I've been running a little and lifting weights (also a little) with my brother, who is in pretty good shape for an old geezer (he turns 50 in March). Unfortunately, he is a golfer, not a bike racer, so their collection of bikes consists of 2 beat up BMX bikes and an antique pseudo-MTB previously owned by my 88 year old stepfather. I think it's a 1986 K-mart model, a true 10-speed hardtail (complete with kickstand). So my title is not technically true, but might as well be--I'm afraid to push the old K-mart special hard enough to actually break a sweat, so I just take joyrides with my 11 year old nephew to the video store.

Speaking of which, we scored the Spiderman triple feature DVD box set for $25! Purchased, not rented. My nephews and I plan a triple, so get out the popcorn and pull up a beanbag, cuz Toby, Kirsten, and Co. are the big draw tonight. I've seen 1 and 2 but not 3, so don't be writing some lame comment that gives it all away or I'll send the style police after you.

My brother just pulled up with my Mom in the truck, so it's time to find out just how well she cleaned up in bingo today. She's just settling down to watch I, Robot with Will Smith, so I think I'll join her.

BTW, the big news is that we have a new teammate: Ian Stanford, formerly of Abercrombie & Fitch, has decided to make the jump to the Green and Orange. Welcome, Ian! Glad to have another TT stud to make my legs scream on training rides. How does that old saw go: what doesn't kill you makes you stronger? DOC'S ADVICE: Doc better make sure his affairs are in order in case he doesn't get stronger...