Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DeSoto Bridge Deconstruction

The DeSoto bridge is the same make and model as the I-35 bridge that collapsed last year in Minneapolis. This spring during "routine" inspection, the DeSoto was condemned and closed due to bent gusset plates, the same condition that has been implicated in the I-35 bridge collapse. I bet they looked closer this time than usual.

I live down the Mississippi from the bridge, and demolition began in earnest in late August. I started keeping video logs every morning as part of my morning routines with Katie. You know, make baby formula for her and daddy formula for me (I prefer a 2 shot hazelnut latte, shaken not stirred), feed the goldfish in the pond, water the deck flowers, swing on the swing, and take pictures of the bridge demolition. Pretty routine.

Here's one clip for your viewing pleasure. Go ahead, it's short. And there's lots of heavy equipment busting stuff up.

Meanwhile, in a post this spring I highlighted my cousin Mark's son Jim Grabowski, a 6'7" 225lb senior forward for Southwest Baptist University. Now he'll be sayin' Erin Go Bragh in the land of leprachans, because he just signed with Dart Killester, a pro B-ball team in Dublin, Ireland. Don't swing those elbows too much when you pull down a rebound, Jim--you don't want to pick a fight with an Irishman on his home turf. Oh, and if you happen to run into Bono and the boys, say hi for me. U2 Go Bragh!

Oh, and Lance has decided to win the Tour de France again next year. Seriously. I might call and see if he needs another geriatric rider to fill out his team. Grey Power!

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