Saturday, September 6, 2008

Pretty in Pink

My first post today only covered the first half of the day. I came home from the TT win and found the princess in fine form. Soulmate and I have been shopping for Katie clothes lately, and we've found a boatload of cute outfits. Here's what I came home to today:

Pink shirt, pink hoodie sweater, pink corduroy pants, pink socks, and pink shoes (they may look white, but trust me, they're pink).

Oh, and she's still carrying the Arizona Ice Tea bottle cap from dinner Thursday night. I honestly don't know why we buy all the toys and books; her all-time favorite toys are (in order): my blue Pilot G-2 gel pen, the orange lid from a Tetra goldfish food cannister, Soulmate's pastry mixing tool, a scratched up DVD, and the bottle cap. Her least favorites, for the time being, are the assortment of Fisher-Price toys, games, and puzzles.

Just for fun, here's a photo from yesterday. I've been taking photos and short videos of the DeSoto bridge demolition going on this month, and Katie has accompanied me on our treks to look at the bridge. Most of the decking and rails are gone, and I think they'll be floating a crane barge on the river soon, to take down the steel trusses. I'll try to post photos and/or videos soon.


Beth said...

Steve, We got your announcement in the mail today and I had to respond with a hearty CONGRATULATIONS! What wonderful news! Katie is beautiful. Say "HI" to Beth and give Katie a kiss from us!
To catch-up with our crew please check out my blog.
I recently did a series on all the kids, so that will introduce you to everyone. Thanks for keeping in touch! Beth Longtine

Patrick said...

Steven Beth and Katie:

We all loved the card!!!! Thank you for including us in your good news.

I am smiling right now as I look at the smiles on all three of your faces. I know those smiles. I've worn one myself!!!!

We passed the card around and now the opera center is brimming with your joy. I can't wait to hear about it!!!!


Patrick Dewane

Doc said...

Beth and Chuck, thanks for the greeting and the blog connection!

Patrick, that little smile and laugh are truly infectious (as, unfortunately are her viruses). We welcome all her infectious "diseases" with equal excitement!

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,

I don't see Pippin or Buddy. Where are they?

Hi Beth, this is Laurie Kampa.

Long time no talk. How are you guys doing?

Katie is adorable, the three of you look so happy. That's terrific!

God Bless,