Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Passin' the Time

I've been off on sabbatical for a couple of weeks, which sounds pretty exotic but it's not. I took September off because my partners are all back from their summer vacations (while I was working my butt off), and the office is a little slow in September, what with kids in school, parents preoccupied with fall activities, and nobody has any tonsil, sinus, or ear infections.

Based on this picture taken by my father-in-law a couple of weeks ago, sabbatical seems to be treating the family pretty well. Soulmate has me home to do stuff and to pick up after myself more than usual; I don't have to go off to work every day (though I love what I do); and Katie gets me 24/7. To say she's a daddy's girl would be the understatement of the year.

I usually use sabbatical to catch up on CME, do projects that I've put off for too long, and get back out on the bike in preparation for cyclocross season in the fall. This one has been a little different, with Katie pretty much dictating most of what I do all day, and Soulmate dictating the rest. It's pretty easy to take, though, since it's all easy stuff except when Katie is crabby and teething. To take some liberty with the old saying: if Katie ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.

One thing I knew was coming but had delayed until last week: I give Katie kisses, and she gives me viruses. The first big one hit last week, with both of us out of commission, and Soulmate spared. I'm still nursing a very tender stomach, but the head cold and sore throat are gone.

It's a good thing, since I'm heading for Chicago tomorrow for my national ENT meeting. It should be a good meeting, and I'll catch up on quite a bit of CME because I've signed up for the maximum number of courses and seminars. Now if I can just drink enough coffee to stay awake in those afternoon sessions, it'll all work out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nephew:

It sounds as though you are doing just fine as a daddy. Just a little child care once in a while really helps. The kids grow up so quick so enjoy them while you can still have control. Ours turned out just fine and we have two great grandchildren. Grandpa and Grandma treat them to Art lessons each week. They are very pleasing to grandpa and grandma. We still
can a lot of vegetables, tomatoes,
pickles, peaches, Tomato Soup, etc. We do it together. So see what you have to look forward to as time goes by. We thank God every day for our loving relationship and health. After 52 years, we consider our selves
very fortunate. So keep up the good work. There is still more enjoyment to come.

As always:

Aunt and Uncle-N E Penna

Anonymous said...

I Meant to say wonderful grandchildren. We are not that old yet.