Sunday, July 27, 2008

Whip It!

This post hallmarks yet another gratuitous Cute Baby Video. I'm shameless, I know, but there seem to be a fair number of you out there who are also getting guilty pleasure watching these clips. Everybody has a right to giggle or coo once in a while, even if you're watching this on your iPhone from the cab of your 18-wheeler.

Katie is proving to be a chip off the old block, even if she didn't originate from this old block originally. Our family is known for its sweet tooth, and for good reason. None of us has ever knowingly passed up dessert. Tonight Soulmate and I were finishing the last of some wonderful strawberry shortcake kindly given to us by friends, and I put some extra Reddi-whip on Soulmate's.

Katie immediately demanded her fair share, with the following result:

I swear I'm not coaching her; we offer her a wide array of dining options including organic baby food from the health food aisle. She will eat almost anything you set in front of her (except fruit juice), but by far her favorites are pureed tater tot hotdish (thanks, Alice!) and DQ cookie dough blizzard (thanks, Soulmate!). In a pinch, though, Reddi-whip will do.

We just bought Katie a toothbrush today. It looks like she's going to need it.


Jonathan said...

By George I think you've figured it out. Simply put whipped topping on all of her food, including fruit juice, veggies, tofu, etc and she's bound to eat it. Just like Mom used to grind up our pills to get us to swallow them, just use the smoke-n-mirrors of whipped cream!

Anonymous said...

Aunt and Uncle are impressed with your ability to graduate to a new
level of caretaking. Katie looks
great to us and it looks like
she loves the St. Cloud climate.
Much luck with our new relation
and we will watch her grow,via internet.
Love-Aunt and Uncle from N E Pa.

Doc said...

Katie needs no help puttin' away the vittles. She's a solid little chunk (a sly little pun on her country of origin Chun-guo (pinyin for China).

Lest we appear to be spoiling her with sweets, let it be known that she eats almost entirely baby food and formula, both of which taste so bad to my palate that it's no wonder she wants Reddi-whip. Heck, if given the choice I'd take lutefisk or gefiltefish over that swill...