Thursday, July 17, 2008

Katie at the Pool Party

As previously mentioned, our little Katie is quite the party girl. In addition to private all-nighters with Mommy (who has never been much of a party girl herself), she presided over a large group of admirers at the church picnic last Sunday afternoon. Here is a slide show from that party (thanks Donna M. for the photos):

OK, maybe it looks a little like a private party for Katie and I, but there really were about 200 people there. Donna seems just a captivated with Katie as we are.

This week she has received a number of visitors of all ages, but has definitely favored those of similar size to herself. Savanna and Annika came over yesterday, and Annika (who shares the July 1, 2007 birthdate with Katie) was a favorite. Katie, in a magnanimous show of goodwill and friendship, stuck her finger up Annika's nose, to which Annika resonded by sticking her own finger up the same nostril. As Soulmate and I have recently discovered, sharing mucus is the ultimate form of affection.

This afternoon Katie debued at the annual office pool party at Ron and Miki's house. She had never even seen a pool; she only recently tried 3 inches of water in the bathtub with Mommy. Despite an initial negative response, I used the "frog in a pot" technique to stealthily dip her deeper and deeper in the water until both of us were up to our necks and she was happily floating around:

Last night was another short one for me with 2 trips to the hospital and 3 calls after midnight, so I'm going to turn in early and hope the party girl has had enough for the night.

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