Friday, July 25, 2008

Too Tired to Write

Big Jim is taking a bunch of us around the 4 hour, 4 climb special tomorrow at 0730, and it's 2315 now, so I have about 8 hours until the pain starts. I haven't ridden seriously on a bike in 3 weeks, so I'll be suffering plenty. I have been bike commuting from home to work, then home for lunch and back, and finally home again for supper. A grand total of 40 minutes cruising the metrop on my Bianchi Cafe Racer. Life is good.

Big Jim has arranged hour-long massages after the big ride tomorrow. The soigneur is a former trainer for some pro cycling teams, so he'll know how to really dig into locked-up calf and thigh muscles. I've had these sweet painfests in France while climbing in the Alps. I can't wait--it hurts so good.

I don't have much for you Katie addicts tonight. I had a 2 hour play session this morning before shipping off to do surgery in the morning and clinic in the afternoon. I did get home for lunch, but the girls had just awakened from a late morning nap, so the mood was subdued or even a little cranky.

Soulmate took Katie to Riverside Park and was about to put her on the swings when Katie basically swooned into an hour-long nap in the grass (well, on the changing pad lying on the grass). I got the call to meet them at the Flower Garden after clinic, so I rode my Bianchi cruiser in my street clothes with my Timbuktoo laptop bag to the Flower park, ate an ice cream bar from the visitors' center (Soulmate fed half of hers to Katie), and walked home, me pushing the Bianchi and Soulmate the stroller.

Here's Katie demonstrating the various features of the Baby Einstein bouncer.

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