Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Soap Opera Continues...

I've come to understand that there are a certain number of fans of our little soap opera who are becoming impatient at the delay in posting recently. I must admit that work has gotten pretty busy, and when I'm not working I'd rather be playing with Katie and Soulmate than posting to Doc's Advice.

Past posts were easy because I was home (or in China) with Katie full time, so when she napped, I blogged. Now I actually have to ship off to the clinic and participate in a certain amount of professional activity before I get to come home and play, so posting has gone by the wayside.

Sunday was Soulmate's birthday (29th or some anniversary thereof), and when I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, I should have known based on our recent acquisition and passage to parenthood: all she asked for was a nap.

Katie and I did one better: we took her to church, then to the best brunch in town, then home. Leaving her to read the Sunday paper and nap, Katie and I set off on a bike ride. We made it about 10 minutes and Katie was fast asleep, so I took all the low traffic routes I could think of around town and managed an hour and forty minutes on the bike.

When we got back, we were both hot and tired, so we went swimming:

After "swimming" in our $5 Menards baby pool we woke Mommy up from her 3 hour nap and headed to Cold Stone Creamery for a birthday treat. Soulmate has been putting mission critical stuff from her purse into the diaper bag and leaving the purse at home of late. Unfortunately, she left her driver's license at home, or she would have gotten a free birthday concoction. The diaper bag failed us, costing me 5 bucks. I'm gonna stick to $2 blizzards from now on.

We like to hang around on the deck during the summer, since it's so beautiful outside in MN at this time (and so uncomfortable in the winter). We're just hanging out on the deck, but Katie puts on a little show while sitting on the table, then abruptly announces with her thumb that the show's over.

And she's right. See you next time I feel like posting...

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