Friday, March 7, 2008

Travel Daze

Soulmate and I tried to fly to Houston last night to start my brother's 50th birthday celebration a few days early, but we never made it out of the airport because the puddle-jumper to MSP was too late to get us to the last flight out to Houston. So, we went to Barnes & Noble for the first time in ages where Soulmate bought a pile of books and I bought one.

We got out of town at noon today, caught a flight to Houston, took a cab to my brother's house, and finally showed up at my nephew's baseball game just in time to surprise the socks off of my brother. The whole hassle-filled trip was worth the belly-laugh we got watching him pick his jaw up off the ground. Then we visited my Mom in the nursing home for a while. She's always pumped when I show up. Moms are really good for the old self-image.

The guy flight attendant on our flight scored a direct hit with his knee on my left elbow just before we landed, so my arm is a little achy tonight. I don't think he screwed anything up, but he didn't do me any favors either. Then he acted like he didn't notice, and pretended to be all busy and important. I felt like tripping him on his next pass, but decided against it. Besides, he never showed his face again. I'm over it now.

Tomorrow--some contortionism.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nephew

Hope you enjoy trip to Houston. Tell all Uncle was asking about them and wish them well. Hope no damage to your shoulder because of
As always


rainmaker2112 said...

Glad to hear about the trip to H-town. Figures that the airlines wouldn't put you somewhere that would limit the chance of your shoulder getting bumped. I recall those days of getting my knee smashed by the drink cart like they were racing the Indy500 or the like. Keep up the great speaking-writing, since it's fun for the kids and I to read each day. BTW, Sam & Caleb are both starters for their varsity soccer team and their first game is tomorrow (Tuesday) I'll let you know how that goes. Love from the gang