Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, Old Geezer!

It's official: my older brother is old. Proof positive is a card that came in the mail last week:

BTW bro, if the picture looks blurry, it's because your eyes have gotten old too. Go find your reading glasses, and put some Ben-Gay next to the Geritol where you'll remember it.


rainmaker2112 said...

Happy birthday ye of the eldest Cragles. The great part is that you'll be able to get the "Senior" discounts at all sorts of events.

Of course, I wonder if we'll be taking you to Luby's down in Florida?

Love from the PacNorthWest Cragle's

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the oldest nephew. Take it from somebody that knows, getting Senior Discounts are not always easy to get, unless you carry about 50 cards. Although
being 70 or more adds a little encouragement at least to try.

Hope you had a great "50". Tell your mom we said hello.

Uncle from the NORTHEAST.