Monday, March 3, 2008

Day Seven: A Little Bonk

I went to work back at the clinic today for the first time since my shoulder surgery a week ago today. I caught up on my electronic medical records before clinic started, and saw full complement of patients in my morning and afternoon clinics. In between I ran over to the physical therapy office for a little more masochism.

Somewhere around 3:30, I bonked.

I got a bit of good news at the physical therapist though. My shoulder range of motion is quite good for this point postoperatively, and the massive bruise that is my bicep appears to be taking a slightly more human form. Granted, a very purple, yellow, green, red, and flabby form, sort of like one of those 1960s psychedelic album cover art pictures.

Don't look for any witty dialogue tonight, I used it all up trying to explain to my patients how it is that I can care for their ENT needs one-handed (and I did).

More energy tomorrow, I hope...


Anonymous said...

Hi Nephew:

Great to hear you returned to work,(I don't think it is practice).You
deserve to be able to return to see
your patients.

Keep up the good work.

Say Uncle

GoBigGreen said...

Keep at it. Get lotsa rest... you know that but since you dont take your own advice i thought i would chime in with your PT.

Doc said...

Uncle: I really did enjoy getting back to the clinic; I'm not at all good at sitting around home (I suspect that is a family trait).

GBG: I didn't say I don't take my own advice; it's just that in this case, my advice to myself was bad.

Anonymous said...


You are correct that sitting around
is not a family trait. I now have been associated with the Township
30 years on March 1, 2008, and don't see in the near future where I will quit. It gives me something to keep my mind occupied and things to remember.

Good Luck-Keep in touch