Friday, February 29, 2008

Day 4: Street Clothes

Today I got to dangle my arm, squeeze a rubber ball, and put on a regular shirt instead of wearing an oversized sweatshirt Quasimodo style. Woohoo...

At least now I know how PTs get such quick results: they NICE you to death. Jessica, my PTA, was so sincere in wanting my arm to feel better, and NOT wanting to hurt me while moving my arm around, that when she did move it to the point where my stomach flipped over and my eyes went dim, I kept quiet so as not to disappoint her. Can't wait until Monday's appointment.

Until then, you history buffs might want to chime in about Ken Burns' film "The War". Soulmate & I have been riveted to it whilst I plod along on the Arc trainer. I loved "Saving Private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers", but this is both bigger and more intimate. I ration it out an hour at a time, like K-rations.

DOC'S ADVICE: watch it on reruns or buy it from PBS, and you'll never doubt this was "the greatest generation."


Anonymous said...

Hi Nephew: Great to hear you are progressing so nicely and aiming to get back to work using your shoulder to repair others needs.
I read your blog every day to keep on how you are doing and wish you the best.
I believe you know who???

Doc said...

Since I've only ever had emails from one Uncle, I'm going to guess Uncle Techno-Wiz, my Dad's little brother!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nephew:

Great Day Here today(Sunday)48 Degrees. You are correct-your dads little brother. Keep up the reporting. We might not see you, but think a lot about my nephews.