Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 1: the Saga Begins

Actually, yesterday was Day 1, but since I don't remember anything after about noon, I don't have much to report. Soulmate & I got to the Surgical Center at 11:00, and a flurry of activity ensued: I got to put on one those swell backless gowns (sans boxers), nurse Kari stuck me with an IV, and Marilyn shaved my armpit & shoulder (there's a new one, even for a bike racer!).

My Pastors came to pray for a successful surgery & rapid recovery just before I got shipped off to the "block room". Before I forget, I want take a minute to thank all of you who extended prayers, thoughts, and well-wishes to me. I feel so blessed to have so many friends around.

Dr. J (the anesthesiologist, not the basketball player who's about twice as tall) gave me some IV Versed & Fentanyl and I began to fade to black. He then shot my shoulder full of Marcaine, a very long acting Novocaine (the feeling is only just coming back now, 24 hours later). I woke up just before they took me into the O.R. for surgery, where Kevin, my anesthetist and good buddy, promptly shot some more good stuff into my IV, and I slid off to Dreamland.

Surgery consisted of: arthroscopic repair of a complete tear of the supraspinatus muscle with dissolvable bone anchors (4 screws that will dissolve in a year or two), acromioplasty, debridement of the intra-articular stump of my biceps long head tendon, and open (as in a 3" long incision) tenodesis of my biceps long head, where Bones stapled the torn tendon to the humerus bone near where the biceps short head attaches.

I discovered afterwards that Doc is a cheap high: I was out of surgery by 3:30 or so, but didn't wake up sufficiently to be discharged home until 10 pm. Then I slept all night long in 2 hour intervals so Soulmate--the world's greatest Florence Nightingale--could change the ice water in my high-tech Cryo-Cuff ice pack.

It took most of the morning to get dressed, washed, shaved, and fed, and since then I've been blogging and answering emails one-handed. Now it's nap time.

Tomorrow: graphic photos of the event!


Kevin said...

Great news! I've never been through it but I'm guessing that recovery isn't going to be easy. Hopefully each day will be a little better than the one before. One day at a time.

I'm continually in awe of what you folks in the medical world are able to do for us when we're in need.

rainmaker2112 said...

Glad to hear the surgery went well and you're beginning the process of recovery. Being people of purpose we might view this injury and recovery as a negative, but consider what other cool things you will experience during the recovery process. What I'm thankful for is that the technology and science has turned what would have been a horrific surgery and very difficult rehab 20 years+ ago will be tough, but not like the old days.

Please though, take a break from downloading further songs like B.J. Thomas "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head", etc. I'm emailing you some cool websites you might checkout during your recovery time.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it has to be a very strange experience to be the one on the table this time around. I was thinking today what new emphathy you will gain through this, altthough you have always been a very sensitive and caring person. But moments like this really change us...and for the good. So we're all praying for you and thank the Lord for good news on the success of the surgery. Better days ahead.

Mike and Mona