Thursday, December 11, 2008

She's Walking! Really!

Katie has taken one small step for girl and one giant step for girlkind today. This morning I was sitting at the kitchen table having coffee with Soulmate and our friend Pastor Andy, and lo and behold, Katie started walking!

True, she has been taking a few steps and falling on her diaper side, but it really isn't walking when you stand swaying in the breeze and accidentally put one foot in front of the other twice while you're toppling over. Today, everything changed--and I mean everything. Nothing will be safe from the peripatetic pre-schooler bent on mayhem.

Look out Buddy--you are not getting any faster at age 16 (112 in dog years), and keeping your canine carcass away from the little pedestrian will get harder and harder.

She is also getting more and more independent and willing to go to friends and family. Sorry clan, she wasn't quite ready during the reunion in Houston over Thanksgiving week, but now she's busting out all over in extroverted exuberance.

This is all good, since she's also eating like a horse and growing like a weed. My old beat-up shoulders can't take too much more full-time baby portage. Anyway, enjoy the videos of Katie impersonating a drunken sailor minus the bad breath:


Anonymous said...

Wow, she even u-turned. You'll have to hang the ornaments a little higher on the tree this year.


duchess401 said...
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