Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Party Weekend

Last Saturday we had my office Christmas party in the evening, and a party for the kids (and grandkids) of the clinic employees in the morning. Katie loves parties, and this one was no exception. The U of M raptor center staff visited us, and brought some owls, hawks, and the biggest bald eagle I've ever seen.

Katie was appreciative, but kept her distance from the "birdies".

She was less appreciative when the old bearded elf himself made an appearance. St. Nick showed up all red and bewhiskered, jingling bells and crying "Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!". Katie took one look, gave a blood-curdling scream, and buried her head in my leg. No amount of coaxing or cooing brought her out of her nightmare. I had to back up to Santa's lap without her seeing him, and then I plopped her on his lap and the photographer snapped the quickest picture on earth.

Once she looked over and saw who it was, the blood-curdling started all over again. Poor Santa, our clinic will probably have to donate some hearing aids to correct his noise-related hearing loss. Those photos aren't available yet, but when they are, I'll post them.

The picture at the top is Katie in Grandma's snow suit, getting ready to go out in the -30 degree weather. This one is of Katie in her party clothes from the morning (she loves her red outfit!) and me dressed to the nines for our evening soiree. Mommy was still doing her hair, so she missed the photo op.

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