Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is Coming, the Goose is Getting Fat...

...put some money in the old man's hat. Food and charity--I guess that really is a big part of Christmas spirit, when you get down to it.

Yes, my training year started December 1st, and it's going very well as far as that goes--I'm back on the bike, and after getting the TT bike dialed in by my new coach, Larry Foss of The Fix Studio, I am riding it a little bit each week. I'm also riding the spin bike and arc trainer, lifting twice a week, and today (after 6 inches of snow yesterday) I'm fixing to glide around the frozen tundra on XC skis.

I pulled Katie around the neighborhood on her saucer sled during the heaviest snowfall yesterday as well. Here she is before sledding. I call this her "Randy" suit after Ralphie's kid brother in "A Christmas Story" since she is just as immobilized in this snowsuit as Randy was in the movie. I would give a very gentle tug on the rope, and Katie would pitch over backwards, head dragging in the snowy wake of the saucer. Next time we'll try the kneeboard position, I think.

None of this frenetic activity has even begun to make a dent in my weight at this point, though. Maybe it's because we keep getting delicious treats from our friends as Christmas presents. Here I'm drinking some decidedly un-lowfat hot chocolate, into which I added some espresso powder and some Newman's Own Sweet Dark Espresso chocolate (thus the almost black appearance of the Chocolat Chaud). Add to that a box of Fannie May "Chicago Collection" bonbons and my laptop computer, and you have a fattening afternoon activity.

Fortunately, my solution is close at hand: Katie is getting very mobile, and I now spend most of the weekend chasing her around and listening to her chatter on. She has discovered how to use her Fisher-Price pushcart as a battering ram to run Buddy the troll out of her path. He's getting more exercise than he's used to lately as well. Here's a video account for you Katie groupies:


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