Sunday, November 23, 2008

Houston, We Have No Problem

Katie, Soulmate and I headed to Houston for the holiday week to have a big family reunion. Nobody on my side of the family has seen Katie until yesterday when we arrived. Two of my three brothers are here with their families (one lives here, so they didn't have to travel), and the last one is coming later this week with his wife and son.

My Houston brother just bought a new, beautiful house in Missouri City south of Houston, and they've been in it less than a month. I think they're nuts to host a reunion so soon after moving--maybe their real intent is to enlist the whole gang to paint or install doorknobs or whatever.

Anyway, Katie has figured out how to use a spoon to eat her yogurt. I knew you'd like to see it, so here's a video.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Beth,Steve and KATIE: and rest of nephews and families. Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy it while you can. I see Katie knows what a spoon is used for. Wait until she learns what a lot of other things are used for. Well,we all had to learn the hard way.
Please keep us informed on status of your mother's possible changes.
She called us about a week ago and we had a nice conversation.
She qwas inquiring on Nursing Homes in the area. I could't help her very much because I haven't had much experience yet.

Happy Thanksgiving:

Aunt and Uncle -N E Penna