Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Antivenom

My last few posts have been uncharacteristically venomous, and I feel a need to rebalance things a little. It's not that I am retracting anything I wrote previously, it's just that I don't want to become an angry young man. Never mind that I'm not particularly young anyway.

One character trait of angry young men that I've never been at all fond of is taking oneself too seriously. This reached epidemic proportions over the last few months as the election approached, around the water cooler, in attack ads, on Fox News and CNN, and especially in the blogosphere. I don't care if you ARE right, you have no right to be a self-satisfied bore in public.

So, to counteract any tendency in myself to become boorish or boring, I submit a nosegay of a video of little Katie perambulating around the kitchen with the help of Fisher-Price. I just got home from work to find Jazlyn (our faithful babysitter) playing with Katie, and I grabbed the camcorder when she started reaching for this toy:


Anonymous said...

Jenny had that same toy when she was little. They can really move with wheels. Jenny is taking her driver's permit test tomorrow. Now she wants to move with big wheels. See what you have to look forward to? Enjoy the little wheels! We love you guys! Sue

Doc said...

Oo la la, Jenny driving! I can't wait to take a ride and see how well she does. My little niece, all grown up!

The video clearly shows that Katie is not quite ready for big wheels.

Uncle & Aunt-NE PA said...

Hi Nephew:

Great to hear your partner is making a remarkable recovery. I think the patient treating a patient would have been good story for ABC. We are praying for Beth and her problems. We wish her a complete recovery also. We think
God will eventually be a great help to her,even though additional
treatment is tried. Remember,if not for GOD, there would not be additional treatment.

Great to see KATIE is becoming a big girl.

Please keep us informed on your mother and what chances there is of her coming back to NE Pa.

We see ROGER once in a while.

May God Bless and the BEST to DOC,BETH and KATIE.

Doc said...

Uncle and Aunt, thanks again for the greeting--all is well with us. I spoke with Uncle John in Tulsa recently, but haven't talked with Uncle Roger for a long time. Greet him from the 3 of us!