Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's in the Genes I Guess...

My nephew Caleb is a sophomore starting at safety for Nooksack Valley, WA varsity football. The Pioneers are 8-1, won their conference championship, and are headed to the state tournament. It's only fitting, since Grandpa was an old footballer in eastern PA, Uncle Dave and the Hudson Pirates won the 1975 Iowa 2A title, I went to state with the same school in 1978, and Uncle Scott made the final game of the 1979 and 1980 state tourney with the Pirates as well.

Caleb's dad, Jon, was more of a basketball sort, being 5 inches taller than the other 3 of us, so he didn't see much action his junior year (even though they made state that year too). It's true in this case that the apple didn't fall far from the family tree. Here's a link to clips from every game they played this year. Caleb is #26 in the white jersey, and #22 in the purple.

Turns out their defensive front is so spectacular, he rarely gets to make tackles, but he's snared some INTs. They begin their run to the state title this weekend, I believe, or maybe next weekend. I'll post more as I hear.


Jonathan said...

Huge buzz on this game throughout the week. It continues a big weekend of football in our county. Five of thirteen teams from our conference are in the state playoffs (1-3A, 3-2A, 1-1A) this weekend. Note: Nooksack (1A) plays in a conference that includes 3A and 2A teams too.

Big frontpage article on the Nooksack QB in the paper's sports section today.

I'll keep you updated and am trying to setup the football website to give updates during the game.

Exciting times indeed!!!!

Doc said...
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