Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Taking a break

There is still no joy in riding right now, and I got a new toy to put together, so Jim Bell is riding over to my house to help me assemble this:

I plan to extend my deck dining well into December with this baby. In fact, we might just have outdoor seating at the GrandStay team party in January. Heck, we have 4 hour team rides when it's zero out, why not have a team party in the great outdoors? Outdoor attendance won't be mandatory for the wives, though.

Update: Jim and I assembled the heater, then we had dinner at 8 with our wives, on the deck: grilled chicken shish-kebabs and basmati rice, with pumpkin pie for dessert. Air temp: 40 degrees, slight breeze. Diners were toasty warm under the deck heater. We sat out there until 9:30 and only our knees got cold. OK, Beth had her furry coat on, but I was in a sweatshirt and jeans. I'm going to like this a lot this fall. I'll even be able to fire it up in the winter so grilling out on the deck won't be so cold. DOC'S ADVICE: get yourself one of these babies if you like to grill and eat on the deck.


commuter13 said...

That looks like the heaters bars and such are getting so you can smoke your cigs in December. So you got that going for you too!

Doc said...

Yeah, you can light 'em right off the propane flame. Too bad I never picked up that habit--it looked so cool when I was young. I guess it was all the pictures they showed us in med school that really sealed the deal for me.