Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Magnificent Bagleys

Pardon me for hijacking the title to Orson Welles' second movie for my title today. Question of the day: what was Welles' first and most famous movie? And tell the truth, did you actually "get it"? Did you even stay awake through it in film class? What was this "rosebud" thing anyway? DOC'S ADVICE: skip Orson altogether and watch Heroes on NBC, cuz if you're hip enough, you'll get that show for sure.

Actually, the Bagleys don't have anything in common with Welles' Ambersons, the title just has a ring to it. If you want a sample of the Ambersons, scroll to the YouTube clip above. The Bagleys are magnificent for entirely different reasons:

1. Most of my gentle readers know father John because he has torched a lot of us in bike races over the years, and remains one of the top time trialists in the state at an age when most of us are looking for our lost Mojo. DOC'S ADVICE: don't go around John for a town line sprint win, because you will pay dearly for the next 10 minutes to hang onto his wheel.

2. Mom Aimee is a formidable roadie and triathlete, who is also a dietician and makes healthy meals that taste so good you keep looking for the trans fats (but they're not there).

3. Donald probably holds a Guiness record for the longest continuous solo game of garage roller hockey ever played, and will probably play in the NHL in a couple of years.

4. But Haley, she is the REAL DEAL of the family. Her name is all over Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Publisher's Weekly, and GOOGLE! Don't believe me? Google her yourself, or use this link to her B&N site:

Her book, "My Side of the Trench," written at the ripe old age of 11, was published and released yesterday (but yours truly scored a pre-publish edition). It's quite a yarn, but I won't give anything away because I wouldn't do it justice. I would also post a picture of the young author, but I don't have her mom & dad's permission (Haley may be a precocious author, but she still has to get permission to stay up late and stuff like that).

I ran into Aimee and Donald at Mississippi Bean and Tea this morning, and I could tell they are pretty psyched about Haley's accomplishment. Me too.... Let's see, age 11 for me was 5th grade in small-town Iowa. I was just trying to explore the world on my Schwinn Stingray with my cousin Mark, discovering the world beyond our little town, and trying to hide my crush on Nora. Books? I read lots of them, but to write one? Forget it. That's for grown-ups.

Look at me now: still riding my bike with my friends and discovering a world (of pain) beyond my little town, with a 24 year crush on a certain redhead (not named Nora), and still reading lots of books. Guess I never will be a grown-up. DOC'S ADVICE: don't grow up at all unless you are going to be a mensch. If you're a schlub, stunt your growth and stay in 5th grade. And whatever you do, keep reading. Why not start with Haley's book?

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