Friday, October 31, 2008

First Trick or Treating in 30 years

Soulmate and I took Katie out for Trick or Treating tonight. It's the first time ever for little Katie, and the first time in at least 30 years for her parents. Being a little rusty, our neighbors' girls, Maddie and Grace, volunteered to show us the ropes. We got Katie dressed in her blanket sleeper for warmth (it is Minnesota after all) and put her little "lion cub" costume on. Soulmate painted on the "Wizard of Oz" lion face, and we were set to go.

We went around to all the neighbors with lights on in the 2 or 3 blocks directly to our west and south. Most were home, and were delighted to meet the princess cum lion cub, many for the first time. We were equally delighted to see them, many of whom we haven't seen for most of the year or longer, and some of whom are new to the neighborhood.

Everyone seemed to think Katie was so cute that she deserved 3 or 4 pieces of candy. Daddy didn't protest at all, knowing that precious little of what we collected tonight will ever make it into Katie's mouth, and almost all the rest will end up being metabolized by Daddy on the bicycle. I tried to help Katie pick the "best" kinds of candy (i.e. the kinds Daddy likes best), but she ended up choosing her own and putting them into her bag.

Soulmate has already raided the loot and taken all the Sweetarts and other sour candy, which is just fine with me since my tastes run to chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. I've spent precious little time on the bike the past several weeks, and my jeans are getting that uncomfortable feeling in the waist and seat. Hopefully I'll be able to get out tomorrow and burn off some serious calories with Big Jim.

Katie was quite gleeful about the whole experience of Trick or Treating, especially with older friends Maddie and Grace to show her the ropes. She even deigned to allow their Mom, Tami, to hold her for a little while as we trudged around the neighborhood:

Here's a video from today starting with a little breakfast and ending with a tired lion cub about to fall asleep on her feet after a really fun day:


Jonathan said...

Very cute cub indeed!!! Tirzah went to "Noah Night" at a local church with a friend and got gobs of candy. The boys went to various parties and me, well I went to a local high school football game! (Fun had by all!)

BTW, Caleb's team won their final game of the season last night, finishing 8-1 (6-0 in classification). They have two weeks off until the first round of state playoffs. Exciting times all around.

Doc said...

Great news on the big football season! Looks like we'll be seeing Caleb from afar via PioneerTV over Thanksgiving.

Chris said...

What a cute little girl you have! Got your blog from an IAS e-mail. Don't know if you remember us, but we met at the Travel Meeting. At the time, we thought we would be traveling to China together. We just returned from China on August 30 with our daughter. Congratulations to you both! Your daughter is adorable!