Tuesday, October 7, 2008


We had Katie dedicated at church yesterday. It's kind of like a baptism for Catholics or Lutherans, except the baby stays dry. It's patterned after Samuel in the Old Testament and Jesus in the New Testament, both of which were brought to the temple at a young age, and dedicated to God's service. I don't recall any babies being dunked or sprinkled like some churches do now, but that's up to the theologians to debate. We just go along with the traditions as we understand them.

Anyway, Katie was a little angel during the dedication ceremony, except that she really wanted to take the microphone away from whoever had it, and she really didn't want to wear the cute but useless red headband that matched her little velvet dress/tights outfit. Here are some pictures from the ceremony, and the whole 9 minute video. Warning: there is nothing about bikes or bridges in this entire video.

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AC5901PCHi Steve & Beth

We watched the video and it made us feel as though we were in the congregation. It always makes us
very happy when we witness a dedication or baptism as part of the LORDS work.

God Bless MOM & DAD and KATIE.

Aunt & Uncle from NE Pa.