Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Radio Silence Continues

I didn't feel like doing anything last weekend, so I watched movies and rode my spin bike for laughs. The blog suffered as a result, not that too many of you cared much.

The shoulder is coming along, allbeit slowly, like watching grass grow. Speaking of which, I can finally see my grass after a series of spring snowstorms. Not that the grass will be growing for a few weeks, but at least it's visible now.

My GrandStay buddies head out to an undisclosed location tomorrow for an ultra-secret training camp weekend. I'm really bummed not to be going, but I'm headed to Orlando Friday for a long-awaited family reunion to celebrate my geezer brother's 50th year.

No promises on when you can expect the next update...

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Hey...what's wrong with 50? 50 is the new 27!