Sunday, April 20, 2008

GrandStay Again!

This time it was Dan, not Doug, Swanson taking the win for the team at the venerable Durand road race. Dan-o, big BK, and 2 pro/1/2s from other teams broke away from a talented peloton in the first 5 minutes of the race, and Dan-o stayed away for the duration, taking the win while the peloton came on too late. Brother Doug took the field sprint for 3rd overall, and everyone on the team worked hard bringing back attacks and generally intimidating the competition.

In the Masters race, Bagley worked hard early but got popped on the steep rollers, and Bell and Coyle hung in with a strong peloton. Big Jim attacked on the back side of the last lap, brought two guys with him, and dropped one of them in the last mile. He then made the mistake I saw all day long, sprinting at the base of the finishing hill and gassing out near the line. Loon Stater Greg Goblirsch caught him and held on for the win. Bell got 2nd and Coyle 7th in a well-played race.

No photos or videos unfortunately as I was too busy handing up water bottles to the team. I'll try to get some photos at the Gluek road race here in St. Cloud.

Then the Masters team got cleaned up and went to teammate Charles Jacobs' wedding to sweet Julie Reimnitz. The bride was the picture of loveliness, and the groom was just entertaining enough to round it all out. It was a beautiful wedding and a fun reception. Cragles, Bagleys, and even Bells tripped the light fantastic to some good old school dance tunes. Rumor has it that it's the first time Mr. Bell has asked Mrs. Bell (or anyone else) for a dance. What was that about old dogs and new tricks?


Anonymous said...

com'on doc. that blue guy didn't get dropped a mile away. it looked like he led out the sprint and they came around.

jim was super strong though.

Doc said...

My bad. It looked like Big Jim and Goblirsch were around him at the base of the hill, so that would be a really long lead out. Maybe that's why Big Jim jumped way too early.

He won't make that mistake at KWMRR this weekend. Good luck keeping his wheel, he's RED HOT!

Andy said...

Thanks a ton for helping us Doc. It was great to have a feeder who knew how to do it. Hope you mend fast yo

Akinol said...
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