Sunday, April 13, 2008

Climate Shock

Soulmate and I just got back from a family reunion for ourselves and my 3 brothers and kin in hot, sunny Orlando. My hardest choice weather-wise was whether to wear a baseball cap or let the sun get at my bald spot. Rain last Saturday and Sunday kept us from really beating up the theme parks, but we made up for it Monday through yesterday.

Hot and sunny was the byword for the week in Orlando, while Big Jim informed me that Snowy and Snowy was the byword back home. Actually, coming in to MSP, I was hopeful when I saw almost no snow on the ground, but when we actually drove in the driveway, I realized that we got vastly more snow here than in the Metrop.

45 degrees and rain should dispatch the snow quickly tomorrow, but I'm still in a bit of a weather funk. To pull us all out of it, I present some random photos of the week:

Doc (and a lot of other very white people) learn from some serious African booty-shakers that he'll never shake his booty like them, no matter how big his booty gets from laying off the bike.

Here a belly-dancer shakes it at the Marrekesh Restaurant at Epcot Center while Soulmate and I eat fantastic Moroccan food.

My darling niece Tirzah brushes and pets the goats at Rafiki's Planet Watch at Animal Kingdom.

The "gang of cousins" plans one of their many neferious activities. This one appears to involve the game "Quelf", designed to keep whole condo buildings awake until 1 or 2 in the morning.

Zane shows Uncle Jon where the gecko went while Tirzah keeps her distance.
More to come if I feel like it...

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