Monday, January 28, 2008

Memory full

Doh! We had guests over for the afternoon, and they stayed a lot longer than we expected, so we completely missed out on the swell ROY dinner. 2nd year in a row! Worse yet, Soulmate forgot a very important board retreat Friday morning as well. Senior moments, I guess. Seriously, I thought senior moments started when you were a senior in High School. They did for me.

Oh well, what with the Ultra-Secret GS Training Camp, I'm pretty well cycled out. I think I'll take a week or two off and watch some movies. Too cold to ride after today, which I'm missing out on because I'm at my outreach clinic in Alexandria.

I caught up reading everyone's blog last night, and leaving little stealth bombs on a few. Not much else to report. Good job on the GS rides, everyone.

Lanny, bring your CX bike next time. MTBs don't have enough gears when Doug, Dan, and Mean Dawg are on the ride.

The spy camera malfunctions:

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