Monday, January 7, 2008

Doc's 3rd Annual Birthday Ride

Bagley, Bell, Jake Cohen, and Doc took off on a balmy January day for Doc's 3rd annual birthday ride. It was both the nicest day and the poorest attendance yet. My bad on the latter, since I only tossed out an email invite to a few local riders this morning. Oh well, it's their loss. We covered 60 miles at an easy pace, especially after we sent Bagley packing to get to his son's hockey practice. Memorable ride, but no pix.

A little hint for you racer boys and girls: the Marty race course just might have a few new wrinkles when we race it in exactly 4 months!


Jeffro said...

Where did you find those hills?

Jeffro said...

Is Marty going to have some "GRAV"?

Doc said...

I have no idea to either question.